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The Better Fuel

For many years, people have been mislead into believing that gas is more efficient and a less expensive form of energy than oil. That just isn't so. The truth of the matter is that according to the Department of Energy, test results show that heating oil is more efficient than other fuels. In addition, heating oil is clean burning, safe and costs less than other energy sources.


Oil Heat Feels like its Warmer because it is Warmer
The reason lies at the heart of your oil furnace, where the core temperature of the flame burns at 2,200º, nearly 600º hotter than the flame of a gas furnace. That means your oil furnace works more efficiently to produce the radiant heat W.G. Satterlee customers have come to enjoy.

Oil Delivery
At W.G. Satterlee & Sons we take pride in our trucks. We operate the cleanest, largest cellular dispatched delivery trucks you can find in Western PA. Please choose from automatic, uninterrupted delivery service or (will-call) self-monitoring oil delivery service. Our professional, courteous, drivers deliver only the highest quality fuel, year round at the most competitive price.

Even though we are always trying to maintain a competitive price, we also offer an extra-low cash discount price to customers that pay on delivery. With the locations of our bulk plants in most cases same day/next day delivery is often available.

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