William G. Satterlee & Sons Inc.

Farm Fuels

Acquired in 1959 W.G. Satterlee & Sons has been proud to serve farmers, laborers and sawmills with quality fuel at the lowest price possible. These customers are the backbone of this business. We would like to thank them for the many years of business and look forward to serving them for many more. We can also provide gasoline or diesel fuel for customers who have a private gasoline tank at their home or farm.

Emergency Delivery

With one of the region's largest, hardest working delivery fleets we can offer emergency delivery services. What this means is, if your tank is empty we are on our way to fill it. All you need to do is call. The only reason we are able to offer this service to you is because of our 9 bulk plant locations CLICK HERE to view the plant near you.

Customer Relations

You can order anything from a 5 gallon pail to a 55 gallon drum and our salesmen will be happy to delivery it to you at no extra charge. At W.G. Satterlee & Sons we pride ourselves on customer relationships. Our sales department is second to none. If you haven't met one of our salesmen yet, he will be happy to see you as soon as you like.


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