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Who are we...

At W.G. Satterlee & Sons we are completely dedicated to our customers first and foremost. We offer everything necessary to be your total fueling partner and lubricant provider. We also provide all the services necessary to ensure environmental compliance at your location.

We offer various pricing options to fit your needs. This includes fixed, pre buy contracts or daily pricing. Our Fleet of delivery trucks are capable of anything from wet lining each piece of equipment to pumping off 7,500 gallons into your above ground tank. With the new regulations with ultra low sulfur diesel. W.G. Satterlee & Sons Inc is ready to deliver your product with there own dedicated equipment to ensure zero contamination.

We make ordering your fuel as easy as possible for you. Our dispatchers go above and beyond to make sure your fuel arrives when and where you want it. The process is easy, just call the number below and speak with one of our dispatchers to quickly arrange your fuel delivery.









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William G. Satterlee & Sons Dispatch

Chad - Chad@satterleefuel.com - mobile:(724) 541- 6228

Brian - Brian@satterleefuel.com - mobile:(724) 664-1627

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